Payment Options

At Easy Internet Services, we have developed a number of payment options to help make payment of your account as quick and easy as possible.

Credit Card
We take Mastercard, Visa, Bank card and we can automatically debit your credit card on your request.
Credit Card available for payment over the phone or in store at 22 Sydney Street during business hours.

Most customers with credit cards opt for the automatic debit option, with this Easy Internet Services simply deducts payments from your credit card as they become due. This saves you the hassel of worrying about your account each month. We try our best to make everything as EASY as possible!

Direct Deposit
Please be sure to contact us whenever you’ve sent a payment to our account. Please include your account username (ie., as it appears in your email address) and the invoice number from the invoice you are paying. This allows us to identify who the payment is from and where it should go.

Bank: National Australia Bank
Branch: Mackay
BSB: 084-789
Account: 45458-7256
Account Name: Easy Internet Services Pty. Ltd.

You can use Direct Deposit online at your bank’s website, with Phone Banking, or over the counter at most banking institutions. Nearly all Internet banking and over the counter transactions allow you to place a text comment on your transaction. If you do choose the Direct Deposit method, please be sure to include your username and invoice number in the comments field.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer you can also sign a direct debit authority with Easy Internet Services. This allows us to pull the monthly amounts from your bank account. This process is secure and fully automated meaning no contact is required. This is by far the easiest way to pay via bank transfer.