Wireless broadband

High-speed wireless internet access
We offer high-speed broadband internet access for customers who do not have access to ADSL or NBN services. Wireless speeds are similar to those received on an ADSL1 connection.

To access this wireless service you must be within a 20 km radius of Black Mountain, located on the Farleigh-Habana Road at Habana. You must also have “Radio Line of Sight” from the roof of your premises to our repeater on the Northern (Habana) side of Black Mountain.

Installation of wireless broadband

Installation costs for this wireless service vary but a standard installation is typically $200 – $300 (not including an optional router). Installation in most circumstances is performed within 10 working days from your order.

Black Mountain repeater

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W512$59.95UnlimitedPlease call 07 4953 3331
W1024$69.95UnlimitedPlease call 07 4953 3331